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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

La Rioja-Fiambola. Dust Storm Rising

Incredible day on the Dakar today. Christophe described it as the hardest Dakar stage he has ever ridden. Another ozzie rider, Rob Pollard echoed Christophe’s sentiments, saying “at times I wondered why the xxxx I was out there”.

The special took place in the midst of a sandstorm in the foothills to the Andes. Big dunes made it extremely hard for the riders.
I was moved almost to tears by today’s footage from the POV 1.5 that sportscamera.com gave us. You get an unbelievable sense of the effort the riders put in. We see christophe fall, pull himself back up, drag himself up another dune then have to stop to rest and on and on, in a cauldron of heat and dust, with cars, buggies, other bikes and quads rushing through past him. I’ll upload some stills in the coming days.

I’m set in a pretty well oiled routine now, shooting most of the day then transferring and backing footage up in the makeshift media tent, from late afternoon onward. It’s 8.13 in the evening and I’ve been on the go since 4.30 am. Been shooting a heap of time lapse footage too. Set up a Go Pro camera to capture the sunset this evening. Should look amazing.
Loving the JVCHM100E. Great crisp images and it records directly as MPEGS which makes workflow a heck of a lot easier. Definitely the right choice for this project.

The landscapes we’re driving through are pretty mind-blowing, from long open plains to mountains to this crazy desert-scape I’m sitting typing this in. A little bit worried about all the dust everywhere, but there’s not a whole lot I can do about that.
Tomorrow, desert changes to snow capped peaks. Recharging all my batteries now in expectation.

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