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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

rome is a blur

Time moves through Rome in tracer fashion.  Its raining, its cold.  The sun comes out and the world is ablaze.  A chance run in with an American teen pop group in TAD.  Hearing Pink Floyd blare above pieces of the Berlin Wall on the Spanish steps as night sets in.

If at the point of trattoria overload head over to the perfect bun.  Burgers that are hard to resist but also perhaps the only place in Rome to find a burrito.  True to form, amazingly fresh ingredients and good company A meeting spot for Rome's film industry.

  A TNT package arrives.  The lads have sent a prototype of our driving pants.  I quickly change and hop in the car for the long drive up the A1 towards Milan.  Flashing through tunnels I make my way through Perugia and onwards.  Its sunny for once and I spy hill top towns and crags in the dolomites.  No time to slow except for the "Speed Teacher" radar system.  Five hours later and I'm in Parma.  Pants still comfortable and look as out of the box fresh as promised.  Now it's Milan.  Change shirts (Auto Grill espresso mishap),  keep pants & don moleskin coat.  Just in time for dinner meeting.


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