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Sunday, November 15, 2009

the dinner guest that never left

I stumbled across Silvia's great place Mamma Ciccia while in Mandello.  A couple of lefts and a right down some tight alleys and you are there.  Silvia's brother cooks an ever changing menu (perch from Lake Como,  pastas the lightness of air, and a mean apple torte).  Their cousin, could tell us a thing or two about shirts and quietly presides over the 5 tables and bar.   Pouring beautiful local wines and the odd glass of Laphroaig he joins me at the table and talks about the best places to put a monogram. 

Silvia et al are in the midst of re-doing several rooms in the apartments above.  Just like the owners, the rooms are smart, stylish, and impeccable.  What better place to sleep off the kitchens labors than upstairs?

A quick walk down to the quay and its back to the room where I fall asleep to bells ringing in the square.  Not quite the excitement of a mixed route in the Cham valley but we do what we can.  This might be in my top 5 of places to disappear for a week.  On a rainy and cold Northern Italian evening I can't think of a better place to be.  Have a look at their site about "the idea".  Lovely words.


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