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Friday, November 13, 2009

24 Hours to burn in Milan

Flying into Malpensa, I find myself with 24 hrs between commitments.

What to do?  Grab the rental car and head west as fast as possible, through Courmayeur, the tunnel, and into Cham proper?  I look down at my Crockett & Jones cap toes- not exactly front pointing material.
  My Imperial Black moleskin jacket seems an ill companion for the winds funneling down the Mont Blanc massif. I think of the rust specked and dulled ice tools in the garage at home and my pathetic lack of shape.

I don't think that making a go of the Twight/Backe testpiece "There Goes the neighborhood" (ED+, 5.9,A3, 90 degrees) on the north west face of Aguille Sans Nom is in the cards this trip (or ever).  Hell seems to search me out these days rather than my trying to find it amidst spindrift and rime.

Plan B with the clock ticking then.


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