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Friday, October 23, 2009

building up to it


Second update

We were out early this morning noting the first stages before the race start on Friday and the qualifying stage this afternoon. As if we needed any reminders of the hazards of the race a Porsche and a Jaguar crashed just looking at the stages. The Jaguar was repaired but the Porsche is beyond it and the driver injured and in hospital.
I have attempted to give and impression of what a stage is like in the attached video clip. Remember this was just us looking at it.
This afternoon we went through in 4 minutes 14 seconds and would have gone quicker if we had not had to pass the car that departed 30 seconds ahead.
Tonight we will find out where the time will place us in tomorrows starting order.
I have a feeling that tomorrow there is going to be a lot of attrition due to breakdowns and crashes.
I will update tomorrow when we hopefully arrive safely in Oaxaca after the first day of the 2009 Carrera Panamericana.
Our crew are now working on the car to ensure that it is in the best possible shape. They are going to need a beer its 92F!


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